Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of Bulge was the last German offensive of World War II. An overwhelming force of German armored divisions attacked American divisions in a “quiet” sector of the line in the Ardennes region of Belgium. The attack began on December 16, 1944 and surprised American forces. Bad weather kept the air forces on the ground and unable to assist outnumbered ground forces. Despite the German forces’ initial gains, small infantry units fought hard and slowed their advance. The Third Army under General George Patton was ordered to aid besieged American units, particularly those surrounded in the city of Bastogne. The attack failed when the weather cleared and allied aircraft could attack German units. At the same time, the Germans ran out of supplies, particularly gasoline for their tanks. The Battle of Bulge represented the costliest engagement fought by the American army in World War II with over 75,000 killed, wounded, missing, or captured.

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