Augmented Reality in the Cemetery

Access Veteran Stories on a Smart Device

As part of UCF’s Veterans Legacy Program, we proposed to bring our project into the cemetery as an augmented reality app. This means that visitors can be in Florida National Cemetery and access veteran biographies while standing at the individual project grave sites.

The augmented reality app requires an internet connection. In the cemetery, particularly Florida National Cemetery, cellular data signals may be sporadic or nonexistent depending on your carrier. A wifi hotspot will be required until the surrounding area’s infrastructure gets better coverage. We apologize for the inconvenience at this time; as the project continues to be enhanced we hope that the infrastructure will grow to support it.

A pamphlet, available at the visitor’s center and online, contains a list of all veteran biographies with their location in sections MC, MD, ML, 103, 104, and 201. This guide will help visitors locate each augmented grave within these sections. Once at the grave site, visitors can use their smart device to access the online biography.

We are using an app called Aurasma that allows Apple® and Android® devices to recognize a project grave marker and link to the particular biography. For Windows® phone users we have included QR codes in the pamphlet that link to the biographies.

Installation Instructions

Steps 1 through 8 below only have to be performed once to get the app ready for use. Please set up your app and account before going to the cemetery.

  1. 1. Install Aurasma from the AppStore for iPhones/iPads or from Google Play for Android.
  2. 2. Open the app and create a free account as this will allow you to “follow” the project and have access to the biographies.
  3. 3. Once you are logged in to your account, tap on Discover Auras. Auras are the name given to the individual digital structures that, in our project’s case, give you access to the biographies.
  4. 4. Enter “UCFVLP” in the search box and tap Search.
  5. 5. A list of the UCF VLP project Auras will be displayed.
  6. 6. Tap on the top item “UCFVLP’s Public Auras.”
  7. 7. You will see grave markers and a “follow” button. Tap the button to follow the project when you are in the Florida National Cemetery or in your classroom, community center, or other location through the virtual tour.
  8. 8. Once you are following UCFVLP, tap Back on the follow screen and then tap Cancel on the Discover Auras search screen.
  9. 9. You will now see UCF’s Auras (grave marker images) with a purple button down at the bottom of the screen.Aurasma button

Testing Your Installation

  1. 1. You can use any of the virtual tour images as a test or use one of the image links below.
  2. 2. Expand the selected image on your computer screen.
  3. 3. In Aurasma, tap on the purple button (shown in Step 9 above) and you will see bouncing circles as the app looks for a recognizable image. Aim your camera at the test image on your computer screen and Aurasma should display a UCF VLP instructional screen and up to two buttons. If you used the entrance sign or the map images to test, you will have a single button for the project website. If you used one of the virtual tour images, you will have two buttons, one for the project website and one for the biography.
  4. 4. Once you have tested your installation, you are ready to access biographies at Florida National Cemetery.
  5. Florida National Cemetery Entrance Sign
  6. Florida National Cemetery Directory Map

Usage Instructions in Florida National Cemetery

  1. 1. Obtain one of the printed pamphlets from the visitor’s center or download and/or print the Augmented Reality Guide (PDF).*
  2. 2. Using the app on the Directory Map at the visitor’s center, you will see a list of the sections with augmented graves (ML, MC, MD, 103, 104, 201). Locate these sections on the map and how to drive to them.
  3. 3. After reaching the section, look for the section marker. This is a cylindrical marker at the front of the section.
  4. 4. The pamphlet has a list of veterans in Section and Grave number order. The section and grave number are etched into the back of each marker to help locate the correct one. In addition, we have provided the Row of the section in which the marker is located and also what we call the Column. The row count is from the front of the section to the back, and the column number refers to the count of the marker from the left hand end of its specific row.
  5. 5. Once you locate the intended grave marker, access your Aurasma app while connected to the internet through your cellular service or with a wifi hotspot and it will recognize the grave marker and give you access to the biography.

Windows Phone Users

  1. 1. Access the Windows Store on your phone and install a QR Code reader.
  2. 2. Using the virtual tour images, test your QR code reader.
  3. 3. While in the cemetery, use the QR codes in the pamphlet to access the biographies.

* Adobe Reader may be downloaded from

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