UCF Veterans Legacy Program Encyclopedia

UCF Veterans Legacy Program Encyclopedia

The following items are the first entries in what will become a wiki-style encyclopedia of information. The current entries include descriptions of key battles in the Second Seminole War, a data file of information on interments in St. Augustine National Cemetery, and links for CLIO tours of Early Second Seminole War sites and St. Augustine's military history and cemetery.

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  • listSecond Seminole War Battles

    As part of its 2019 research, University of Central Florida students and faculty in the Veterans Legacy Program (VLP) started a project they called VLPedia. This project stemmed from work on the Second Seminole War soldiers buried at St. Augustine National Cemetery. In the course of this study, researchers recognized that there are few digital sources on that conflict. They decided, in order to better tell the stories of the soldiers buried in St. Augustine, to create digital resources connected to the key battles and people associated with the conflict. The articles included here represent the early fruits of this labor. At this point, VLPedia is still in its developmental stages. Consequently, the entries do not have a standard format. In future years, if the project matures as anticipated, a standard format will be chosen and more entries will be created.

    Battle of Caloosahatchee (PDF)
    Dade's Battle (PDF)
    Battle of Okeechobee (PDF)
    Battle of Wahoo Swamp (PDF)
    Battle of the Withlacoochee (PDF)
  • listSt. Augustine National Cemetery Interment List

    The St. Augustine National Cemetery Interment List is an expansion of the interment data provided by the National Cemetery Administration (NCA). New names of individuals found through a careful examination of the St. Augustine National Cemetery’s interment cards on Ancestry.com were added to the list. Many of these were spouses, children, and soldiers who died during the Second Seminole War and who were memorialized by the Dade Monument.

    St. Augustine National Cemetery includes almost two hundred years of burials with the first burial recorded for Second Lieutenant Horace Smith on January 8th, 1828 and the last one to date, for Gregory A. Moore on May 28, 2019. The interment list shows that 2,708 individuals have been buried or memorialized at this site.

    St. Augustine National Cemetery Interment List (PDF)
  • listCLIO Tours

    These customized tours use UCF student-authored entries within the CLIO heritage tour app for use on the road or in the classroom. The tours incorporate National Cemeteries and other related military sites into educational driving routes.

    Early Second Seminole War
    St Augustine Military History and Cemetery
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