The Forgotten: African American Soldiers in World War I

The African American veterans listed on this page rest in St. Augustine National Cemetery, St. Augustine, Florida. These men died in military service during WWI or after their service as veterans. While their contributions to the nation as soldiers and sailors were critical, white Americans’ racial attitudes forced them to serve in racially-segregated armed forces. When they came home, white Americans attacked them and their race in an attempt to turn back any attempt to improve their civil or political rights. Now these men rest beside their white comrades, finally honored for their service and sacrifice to the nation.

Students at UCF researched each one of these men and documented their lives using military service records, census reports, city directories, and any other available source. For a certain subset of these men, UCF student wrote brief biographies using this research. Students also researched and wrote essays on various aspects of World War I and the African American experiences during and after the war.

Robert Barr (sources)
Albert Bass (sources)
Benjamin Bellamy (sources)
Professor Benjamin (sources)
Robert Brooks (sources)
Benjamin Brown (sources)
Richard Burns (sources)
Oscar Chatman (sources)
Fred Coleman (sources)
Stanley Copeland (sources, biography)
Charles Crummer (sources, biography)
Jim Davis (sources)
Jack Doberson (sources, biography)
Joseph Floyd (sources)
Wilbur Forward (sources, biography)
Henry Fountain (sources)
Gus Franklin (sources)
Will Gainer (sources)
Elbert Grayer (sources)
James Green (sources)
Sam Green (sources)
Gary Hampton (sources)
Fred Henry (sources)
James Hicks (sources)
Andrew Jackson (sources, biography)
Mathew James (sources)
Will Jamison (sources, biography)
John Jefferson (sources)
Henry Jenkins (sources)
Will Jennings (sources)
Will Johnson (sources, biography)
Earnest Jones (sources)
Henry Jones (sources)
Willie Lee Jones (sources, biography)
Robert Jones (sources)
Joe King (sources)
Eddie Landrum (sources, biography)
Houston Logan (sources)
Henry Manley (sources)
Jim Martin (sources)
Homer McClain (sources)
Robert McNeal (sources)
Charlie Moore (sources)
John Moore (sources)
Herbert Morris (sources)
Nelson Mullin (sources, biography)
Robert Murphy, Jr. (sources)
Commodore Isaac Murray (sources, biography)
Charlie Oxendine (sources)
Edward Parker (sources)
Benjamin Payne (sources)
Leroy Preston (sources)
Alphonso Primis (sources, biography)
Thomas Raiford (sources)
Richard Randolph (sources)
Thomas Reed (sources)
Edgar Robinson (sources)
Edward Rowe (sources, biography)
Walter Sapp (sources)
Thomas Savage (sources, biography)
Charles Sims (sources)
Delanduel Sparks (sources)
Jim Spencer (sources)
John Henry Stewart (sources)
George Tape (sources)
Charlie Thomas (sources)
Julius Thomas (sources)
Harvey Thomas (sources)
Arthur Tomlinson (sources)
Fred Tomlinson (sources)
William Tucker (sources)
Ben Underwood (sources, biography)
Jason Waitman (sources, biography)
William Wilkeson (sources)
Buster Williams (sources, biography)
Crozier Williams (sources, biography)
Joseph Williams (sources, biography)
Russell Williams (sources)
Charles James Wilson (sources)
Edward Wilson (sources)
Fred Wolf (sources)
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